Stock Market Check-Back for May

Hello! Here’s the update on the imaginary stock portfolio we assembled way back on Jan 1. You’ll also be able to find this in the Check-Back section.

May was a good month for our some of our stocks and a volatile one for others. But overall, our portfolio is looking great. The two stocks that were in negative territory at the end of April are recovering nicely.

The big winner in May was Magna International, with a 39% gain. (Clearly, their stock price didn’t suffer after the press reported an explosion at their plant on May 1.) As a group, our Canadian stocks are doing really well, and they continue to outpace their US counterparts.

If you’ve followed along since the beginning of the year, you’ll know by now that stock prices jump around a lot, month to month. I understand why “The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing” offers a lot of advice on the psychology of investment. You really do have to take the long view and ignore the fluctuations in price, or you’ll drive yourself crazy.

Company Name Closing Price
Dec 31
Closing Price
May 31
% Change
AEterna Zentaris Inc. 2.38 CDN 2.15 CDN -10%
Bombardier Inc. 3.76 CDN 4.70 CDN +25%
Callaway Golf Co. 6.50 US 6.85 US +5%
Cameron International Corp. 56.46 US 60.87 US +8%
Canadian Tire Corp. 81.00 CDN 96.76 CDN +19%
Cott Corp. 8.03 US 8.19 US +2%
Indigo Books & Music 10.68 CDN 10.90 CDN +2%
Koninlijke Philips Electronics 26.54 US 28.27 US +7%
Magna International Inc. 49.68 CDN 69.14 CDN +39%
Research in Motion Ltd. 11.80 CDN 14.45 CDN +22%
Ryder Systems Inc. 49.93 US 63.04 US +26%
Sherwin-Williams Co. 153.82 US 188.53 US +23%
Sparton Corp. 13.87 US 16.62 US +20%
USG Corp. 28.07 US 27.33 US -3%
Westjet Airlines Ltd. 19.81 CDN 23.25 CDN +17%
Total Value $CDN $179.11 $221.35 +24%
Total Value $US $343.22 $399.70 +16%

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