Stock Market Check-Back for July

Hello! Here’s the update on the imaginary stock portfolio we put together back on Jan 1. You’ll also be able to find this in the Check-Back section.

And the round-up for July: only three stocks in negative territory (good), but two of those in double digits (not so good). One the up side, Magna International continues to lead the pack, with a 58% gain since January. The second place finisher is Bombardier Inc., which is up 32% and the bronze medal goes to Sparton Corp., which is up 28%. Overall, nine of our fifteen stocks are showing double-digit gains over the last seven months, which is great.

AEterna Zentaris has taken a pounding, it’s true. However, last week they announced that they’ve recruited and dosed the first patient for the Phase 3 clinical trial of a drug that treats endometrial cancer. I’ve come to realize that pharmaceuticals are a tricky stock market bet. When a drug starts clinical trials, there seems to be a lot of speculation that drives up prices — even though nothing’s really been proven at that point.

Company Name Closing Price
Dec 31
Closing Price
Jul 31
% Change
AEterna Zentaris Inc. 2.38 CDN 1.44 CDN -40%
Bombardier Inc. 3.76 CDN 4.96 CDN +32%
Callaway Golf Co. 6.50 US 7.18 US +10%
Cameron International Corp. 56.46 US 59.50 US +5%
Canadian Tire Corp. 81.00 CDN 98.25 CDN +21%
Cott Corp. 8.03 US 8.37 US +4%
Indigo Books & Music 10.68 CDN 10.98 CDN +3%
Koninlijke Philips Electronics 26.54 US 31.79 US +20%
Magna International Inc. 49.68 CDN 78.55 CDN +58%
BlackBerry Ltd. 11.80 CDN 9.02 CDN -24%
Ryder Systems Inc. 49.93 US 58.07 US +16%
Sherwin-Williams Co. 153.82 US 174.17 US +13%
Sparton Corp. 13.87 US 17.77 US +28%
USG Corp. 28.07 US 25.13 US -11%
Westjet Airlines Ltd. 19.81 CDN 21.96 CDN +11%
Total Value $CDN $179.11 $225.16 +26%
Total Value $US $343.22 $381.98 +11%

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