Stock Market Check-Back for August


Today, I’m reporting in on how our imaginary stock market portfolio did in the month of August. But first … a shameless promotion:

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And now, back to business. Our portfolio performed in August much the same as it did in July. Four stocks are in negative territory, and the star of the show continues to be Magna International, with a stellar 63% gain over its Jan 1 price. Canadian Tire and Sparton Corp. are in second and third place, at 36% and 35% gains.

Overall, the Canadian stocks have performed very well, cruising from a 3% gain on Feb 1 to a 34% gain as of Sept 1. (This despite a 35% loss from AEterna Zentaris.) The US stocks have held their own, wavering a few percentage points in each direction. It would be nice to see them start to gain a little bit of ground — but we’ll see what the final quarter of the year brings.

Company Name Closing Price
Dec 31
Closing Price
Aug 31
% Change
AEterna Zentaris Inc. 2.38 CDN 1.55 CDN -35%
Bombardier Inc. 3.76 CDN 4.79 CDN +27%
Callaway Golf Co. 6.50 US 6.92 US +6%
Cameron International Corp. 56.46 US 56.79 US +1%
Canadian Tire Corp. 81.00 CDN 109.85 CDN +36%
Cott Corp. 8.03 US 7.99 US 0%
Indigo Books & Music 10.68 CDN 10.60 CDN -1%
Koninlijke Philips Electronics 26.54 US 30.82 US +16%
Magna International Inc. 49.68 CDN 80.96 CDN +63%
BlackBerry 11.80 CDN 10.64 CDN -10%
Ryder Systems Inc. 49.93 US 55.61 US +11%
Sherwin-Williams Co. 153.82 US 172.40 US +12%
Sparton Corp. 13.87 US 18.77 US +35%
USG Corp. 28.07 US 23.34 US -17%
Westjet Airlines Ltd. 19.81 CDN 21.96 CDN +11%
Total Value $CDN $179.11 $240.35 +34%
Total Value $US $343.22 $372.64 +9%

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