Stock Market Check-Back for September

So, we’re now into the final quarter of the year. The imaginary stock portfolio we set up on Jan 1, using Jason Kelly’s “The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing” is still making some very positive gains. Sparton Corp unseated the reigning champ Magna International with an amazing spike up to an 84% gain over its Dec 31 price. Sparton makes electronics, and they’ve been awarded a number of big military contracts this year. Their stock price has been growing steadily for the last few months, and it looks like they’ll have a outstanding 2013.

On the negative end of things, AEterna Zentaris and BlackBerry have both lost more than 30% of their share prices since the beginning of the year. BlackBerry is now being actively considered by a number of buyers — the most interesting of which is John Sculley, former CEO of Apple.

Overall, however, our little portfolio is going into its fourth quarter very strong. The US stocks have gained 17% over their Dec 31 value, and the Canadian stocks are up by 47%. If this was real life, I’d be a pretty happy investor right about now. We’ll check in again in November!

Company Name Closing Price
Dec 31
Closing Price
Sept 30
% Change
AEterna Zentaris Inc. 2.38 CDN 1.55 CDN -35%
Bombardier Inc. 3.76 CDN 4.79 CDN +27%
Callaway Golf Co. 6.50 US 7.12 US +10%
Cameron International Corp. 56.46 US 58.37 US +3%
Canadian Tire Corp. 81.00 CDN 128.00 CDN +58%
Cott Corp. 8.03 US 7.69 US -4%
Indigo Books & Music 10.68 CDN 10.50 CDN -2%
Koninlijke Philips Electronics 26.54 US 32.25 US +22%
Magna International Inc. 49.68 CDN 84.95 CDN +71%
BlackBerry 11.80 CDN 8.10 CDN -31%
Ryder Systems Inc. 49.93 US 59.70 US +20%
Sherwin-Williams Co. 153.82 US 182.18 US +18%
Sparton Corp. 13.87 US 25.50 US +84%
USG Corp. 28.07 US 28.58 US +2%
Westjet Airlines Ltd. 19.81 CDN 24.77 CDN +25%
Total Value $CDN $179.11 $262.66 +47%
Total Value $US $343.22 $401.39 +17%

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