Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Hello and welcome to the first recipe review from “Good and Cheap”!

Tomato Scrambled Eggs, with a side of brown toast.

Tomato Scrambled Eggs, with a side of brown toast.

Tomato Scrambled Eggs also just happens to be the very first recipe in the book and you will find it on page 15 of the PDF (which you can download at and page 2 of the print version.

Ingredient Notes
I’ve tried this twice, both times with canned tomatoes. The best version was with with a 398 ml can of Aurora brand tomatoes, available for $1.49 at the Italian Centre Shop in Edmonton.

Although fresh basil isn’t cheap, it really enhances this recipe. The first time I made it, I substituted green onion, but the basil version is really much better. Splash out and use the rest to make pesto or to jazz up a pasta sauce.

How Did it Taste?
Delicious! A side of brown toast is ideal with this dish, but any bread would work well. (Just as an aside, I think this would be a great breakfast for someone with a hangover.)

Let’s Do the Math
It took 18 minutes to make this, but that’s primarily because you need to cook it slowly. Low heat will give you creamy, delicious eggs.

The total cost for two servings was $3.86 (and I didn’t include the toast). That works out to $1.93 per serving.

(Note: The good folks at Save-On Foods have managed to guilt me into buying free range eggs, which sell for a whopping $5.59 per dozen. Using non-free range eggs would bring the cost of this recipe down by quite a bit.)

Shopping Tips
In my hometown of Edmonton, the Italian Centre Shop is my go-to store for quality olive oil, pasta and tomato sauce at prices that are often substantially lower than what chain grocers charge. Their high stock turnover means that these goods are also very fresh. I highly recommend them.

That’s it! I’ll be back on Friday with an omelet in my hands. See you then!

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