Hello and welcome to the second recipe review from “Good and Cheap”!


Omelet with Dill, Shallot and Cheddar
(And shot close-up, so you can’t see how bad my omelet-folding technique is)

Today we’re tackling omelets, which you’ll find on page 17 of the PDF version of “Good and Cheap” (a free download at If you’re working in the print version, it’s on page 3.

Ingredient Notes
I’ve tried this recipe out twice. The first time was with parsley, green onion and parmesan cheese, and the second time was with shallots, fresh dill and cheddar cheese.

I found shallots (an unusual ingredient for me) in Save-On Foods, beside the fresh garlic. They look like small, pale purple onions. And although fresh dill can be a bit tricky to find in the middle of an Edmonton winter, it’s delicious. You can use the leftovers with sour cream on potatoes or pyrohy.

How Did it Taste?
My first version was nice but a little bland. Round Two (shallot, fresh dill and old cheddar) was stellar.

Let’s Do the Math
Start to finish, it took 25 minutes to make this, but I attribute some of that time to fiddling around weighing ingredients so that they can be costed out later.

The total cost for two servings was $2.85. That works out to $1.43 per serving.

(Note: The good folks at Save-On Foods have managed to guilt me into buying free range eggs, which sell for a whopping $5.59 per dozen. Using non-free range eggs would bring the cost of this recipe down by quite a bit.)

Shopping Tips
When it comes to fresh herbs, I’ve often found them in large quantities at very good prices in ethnic grocery stores. (As well as saving you money, shopping off the beaten path in these stores is a ton of fun.)

That’s it! I’ll be back next Tuesday, this time with an egg sandwich. See you then!

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