Egg Sandwiches with Mushroom Hash

Hello! It’s egg sandwich day here at Library Life Hack!

Egg Sandwich with Mushroom Hash

Egg Sandwich with Mushroom Hash

You’ll find this recipe on page 26 of the PDF version of “Good and Cheap” (a free download at or on page 5 of the print version.

Ingredient Notes
I’ve made this highly flexible recipe three times. The basic ingredients are all very easy to find, and I’ve tried out different combinations with fresh tomatoes, green onion, mayonnaise and sambal oelek.

Maybe the potatoes I’m using are too big, but I’m finding that I’ve always got lots of the mushroom hash. Usually there’s enough to make three sandwiches (or tuck a small container in my lunch as a side dish.)

How Did it Taste?
This is my favourite “Good and Cheap” recipe so far! The best version is pictured above — there’s something about the addition of fresh tomato and green onion to this mix that is just so good.

(According to the book, these are a staple of corner delis in New York. I think I might have to go back to New York, just to explore corner deli food. But I digress.)

Let’s Do the Math
From start to finish, I’ve been averaging about 25 minutes on this recipe. The ingredients for two sandwiches came to a total of $4.03, so $2.01 per sandwich.

(Note: The good folks at Save-On Foods have managed to guilt me into buying free range eggs, which sell for a whopping $5.59 per dozen. Using non-free range eggs would bring the cost of this recipe down by quite a bit.)

A Hat Tip
A special thank you to Jessica Merchant at, for her advice about how to fry eggs so they look good in pictures. (You can find it here.)

And a Side Benefit
One other side benefit of my “Good and Cheap” cooking adventures so far: I’ve stopped being neurotic about undercooking eggs. Omelets really are better if they’re not browned and the runny yolk on sunny side up eggs is perfect with the hash in this recipe.

That’s all for today! Check back Friday, when we explore homemade granola bars.

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