Fruity Oatmeal

Happy Friday! Today we’re on the fourth installment of a seven-part series on oatmeal.

berry oatmeal

Berry Oatmeal
My first lesson in improvisation!

The breakfast section of “Good and Cheap” has seven different oatmeal recipes. You can find this particular one on page 29 of the PDF version (a free download at or on page 10 of the print version.

Ingredient Notes
I had to do a little bit of improvising on the ingredients for this recipe. I can find fresh berries during the winter in my hometown of Edmonton, but my experience has been that they are stupidly expensive and very sour. What to do, what to do?

Well, it was time to step out a little bit and improvise (which the cookbook heartily encourages you to do). Instead of fresh berries, I stirred in a tablespoon of Craisins and another tablespoon of Fruits of Sherbrooke Gingered Saskatoon & Apple Jam, plus one tablespoon of brown sugar.

How Did it Taste?
Like the pumpkin oatmeal of last week, this won’t be my favourite recipe in “Good and Cheap”, but it was pleasant enough and sent me out the door well-fed.

Let’s Do the Math
This recipe is also very fast to make up. It took about 10 minutes to whip together and the total cost of ingredients came to just 49 cents per serving. That’s a new record for cheap!

Frugal Shopping Tip
If you like dried cranberries, the bulk package of Ocean Spray Craisins is a smokin’ good deal. It’s 1.8 kgs (that’s 4 lbs.) of dried berries, and I’ve found them in Edmonton at Costco and SuperStore for anywhere between $8.69 and $8.99.

That’s all for today! Check back next week, for the fifth installment of … drum roll, please … oatmeal! Have a great weekend, everyone.

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