Whole-Wheat Jalapeño Cheddar Scones


For the next two posts, we’re going to do a little bit of baking. But don’t let that make you nervous! No big fat skills are needed.

Whole-Wheat Jalapeño Cheddar Scones

Whole-Wheat Jalapeño Cheddar Scones
Way sexier than what little old British ladies eat with tea

You’ll find this recipe on page 22 of the PDF version of “Good and Cheap” (a free download at leannebrown.com) and on page 15 of the print version.

Ingredient Notes
I used Kraft Cracker Barrel extra old cheddar (it was on sale) and I do recommend that you include the egg wash step at the end of the recipe. It made my finished scones look all spanky and professional. Also, make sure you use whole-wheat flour instead of regular unbleached.

How Did it Taste?
Honestly, I haven’t come across a bad recipe in this cookbook yet. All of them are good but some of them are knock-it-out-of-the-park good. This one belongs in the second category. I loved these scones! They’re dense and hearty and spicy and cheesy … the adjectives could go on and on.

I think there’s a world of possibilities here. I’m going to try a variation with asiago cheese and my new favourite free ingredient, lemon zest.

Old Dog, New Trick
I learned a smart new technique with this one. The recipe uses a half-cup of butter, which you freeze slightly and then grate into the dry ingredients. This is really clever — the butter is more or less uniform and the step where you blend butter and flour goes quickly.

When I was taking Home Economics (back in the Middle Ages) we used a hand tool for this job, called a pastry blender. It was time-consuming, gave uneven results and the blenders were notorious for bending and breaking. This grater idea? It’s a keeper.

Show Me the Money
Start to finish, the scones took 45 minutes to whip up. The total cost was $6.41, or $1.07 per good-sized scone.

The Scone that Saved Lunchtime
Following the advice of Steve and Annette Economides, I’ve been creating a lunch plan for each week, basing it around a variety of sandwiches. Although I’m quite happy about getting my afternoon meal more organized and less costly, I was beginning to become bored with five days a week of sandwiches.

Enter this week’s recipe! Although they appear in the breakfast section of “Good & Cheap”, I’ve tucked two of the scones into my lunches, paired with pepper salami from the deli counter at Save-On Foods. It’s a match made in Heaven. I think I should include a scone-based lunch once in each week’s plan, just to break things up.

And that’s all for today! Our next baking adventure will be muffins that feature both chocolate and zucchini. “How does that work?” you might ask. Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out. Until then, have a great week!

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