Brussels Sprout Hash and Eggs

Hello and welcome back! Today, we’re munching on the first recipe in a new chapter of “Good and Cheap” — all about side dishes and snacks. This is a very novel (and healthy) take on what I’ve always thought of as a traditional American staple. Let’s get started!

Brussels Sprout Hash and Eggs

Eggs on a bed of brussels sprouts — who would have thought?

If you’re using the PDF version of “Good and Cheap” (you can download it free from, you’ll find this recipe on page 65. If you’re cooking out of the print edition, head to page 46.

Ingredient Notes
This recipe takes:

  • brussels sprouts
  • garlic
  • olives
  • eggs
  • butter
  • lemon juice

How Did It Taste?
This is great! Somehow, the addition of garlic and butter cancels out that strong brussels sprout taste that turns so many people off. And it’s healthy! I was having my vegetarian sister over for dinner when I made this, and I forgot to add the lemon right before I served it. It didn’t matter. We both agreed that it was delicious.

Cooking hint: Don’t be afraid to let the brussels sprouts brown a little bit. It adds a ton of flavour.

My sister and I have an uncle who doesn’t much like vegetables (but does like eggs) so we’re going to send the recipe to our aunt, because we think he might go for this healthier version of eggs and hash. Maybe she can even fool him into thinking that the brussels sprouts are some kind of exotic potatoes!

Money and Time
All in all, this took about 30 minutes to prepare. About half of that was getting the brussels sprouts prepped. The rest is quite easy.

The total cost was $5.49, or $2.75 per serving. (And I actually had enough of the hash left over to make a third serving for breakfast the next day.)

Mandoline, Part Deux
Two recipes ago, when we were making Wilted Cabbage Salad, I struck out on my first attempt at using a mandoline. The mandoline came back for this recipe, to slice up the brussels sprouts. It actually worked pretty well this time.

The mandoline would slice the sprout down to about half an inch thick, and then I would chop that last bit by hand. It took about 15 minutes to mandoline my way through a pound of brussels sprouts, which I thought was reasonably quick. (It could probably be quicker but I am still very, very respectful of the wicked-looking blade on the mandoline.)

That’s it! Next up, we’re going to be road-testing a recipe for Mexican Street Corn. (You don’t want to miss that one — it’s REALLY good.)

P.S. Shout Out to Another Edmonton Cook
I heard Alexis Hillyard of the Stump Kitchen YouTube series on CBC this morning, and thought she was brilliant and hilarious! You can check out her latest video here.

One thought on “Brussels Sprout Hash and Eggs

  1. Wow this looks so awesome and I’m sure I could fool the fussy non vegetable eater and I’ll give it my best shot. Love my mandolin. Thanks so much Sally.


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