What is Life Hacking?
A life hack is a tip, trick, shortcut or just plain clever idea that helps you get things done faster, stretch your money farther, be more productive, be more creative and even be a happier person. There are entire websites dedicated to life hacking. (Like this one, for example.)

About the Blog
This blog began its life as a year-long experiment into finding out the true value of a library card. It was also part of the project requirements for a senior-level class in social media at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. And right now … it’s just kind of fun.

About Sally Neal
I’m Sally Neal. Beyond that, I’m a full-time communications specialist at Strathcona County Library, a part-time university student and a girl with an all-the-time sense of curiosity.

7 thoughts on “About

    • Mr. Polsky, I’m honoured to find you here as a visitor! Your book was fascinating — thank you so much for the comment. I’m looking forward to reading the follow-up!

      Equally warm regards,

      P.S. If it’s not impolite to ask, are there any Warhols currently in your collection? (I can also be reached at librarylifehack [at] gmail.com)


  1. Sally, I’m loving your review of Good and Cheap! I picked up my copy from the library tonight and am looking forward to trying out many of the recipes myself. If I can reduce my grocery bill by 20% I’ll be ecstatic.


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