Entertainment Resources 2013

Sometimes, I just borrowed library DVDs for sheer entertainment. Libraries are a goldmine for this kind of stuff. Not only will you find current releases, you’ll also find all kinds of non-mainstream and foreign films.

Libraries also stock music CDs. This comes in handy when you’re throwing a party that has a 90’s theme for the music — for example. (I actually did this in 2013. Since I wasn’t super-interested in permanently owning the music of the Beastie Boys or the Spice Girls, borrowing library CDs was a brilliant, money-saving alternative.)

One note: the prices shown below are calculated as the average of the cost to purchase at amazon.ca and chapters-indigo.ca.

Library Resources Money Saved
Spanglish (DVD) 14.99
Hello Dolly (DVD) 15.71
Something’s Gotta Give (DVD) 7.50
Enlighten Up! (DVD) 27.19
High Fidelity (DVD) 7.12
The Vicar of Dibley (DVD series) 87.49
Downton Abbey Season 1 (DVD) 22.19
Downton Abbey Season 2 (DVD) 34.18
Downton Abbey Season 3 (DVD) 37.37
Iron Lady (DVD) 12.98
Pastry Kings (DVD) 27.42
Beginners (DVD) 30.96
Shopgirl (DVD) 8.44
Sunset Boulevard (DVD) 12.78
Saving Private Ryan (DVD) 14.99
Robin Hood (DVD) 8.02
Michael Clayton (DVD) 15.61
The King’s Speech (DVD) 12.39
Jerry Maguire (DVD) 5.75
The Gathering Storm (DVD) 8.72
Erin Brokovich (DVD) 12.46
Total in 2013

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